3 Organic Ways To Grow Your Social Media​

If you don't have a strong presence on social media, you're missing out on various opportunities to connect with potential customers. There are many ways to structure your social media to help it grow organically. You need to have a constant ongoing stream of information and content to attract supporters and retain those already following your business. If you're feeling uninspired or stuck when it comes to your social media, check out the following ideas to boost your online presence.

Host a Giveaway

If you want an easy way to grow your social media following, consider hosting a giveaway. A giveaway is when you offer a free product that users can win in exchange for completing a specific action. People love free things, so hosting a giveaway is an easy way to help your social media organically grow. 

When you create a giveaway on your social media page, you can ask followers to share your information through Instagram stories, tag friends, interact with your posts, and follow your page to be entered into the giveaway. This is a quick and easy way to boost your engagement and followers because it exposes your products and services to a broad audience. Plus, even when the giveaway is over, if there are followers who enjoyed your products or content, they're likely to keep following you.

Create A Live Video

Various social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, allow you to create live videos to talk directly with your audience. Live videos are regularly pushed to the top of the search page because platforms prefer content that can be easily shared while encouraging the audience to interact, or spend more time on the platform. Using a live video is an easy way to showcase your products in a laid-back, easy way, to share a special message with your audience, or talk about a valuable topic your followers want to learn more about. 

When you create live video content, you're likely to attract new audience members to your live feed who may follow you if they like what they see. Plus, once you've finished the video, you can repost it on your social media platforms so your audience can watch it again or catch up if they missed it.

Post Consistent and Relevant Content

If you’re only using your social media every few weeks, you’re not likely to attract an audience to your page. Users like to look at pages that provide consistent content that is relevant or entertaining to them. There are tons of ways to create content, such as telling stories about your products, sharing the team who works to provide the services or products, or mentioning special sales or promotions running at your business to attract an audience. Posting consistently will naturally attract users to your social media pages.

Creating content for your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Share what you do, how you do it, and highlight the people around you who help make it happen. If you need additional ideas or are unsure how to implement social media in your business, contact us today at 5am Creative.


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