You do, though we typically also reserve the right to use videos we’ve produced on our portfolio and website.


We have a variety of clients. Some like to work with us when they have specific needs or projects while others work with us every single month. We provide great results when you work on a project with us and continued results when you partner with us.

When it comes to advertising, we like to suggest you spend as much as you’re comfortable with. The more you spend, the faster we are able to test different ad formats and demographics which will allow us to hone in on your specific audience sooner. Typically we don’t work with businesses with an ad spend that is less than $500 a month.

Um… Yes, yes it is. Here’s some examples.

Depends! Is that your goal? Or is your goal to provide more value to your audience and focus on building a relationship with them? What good is 10,000 followers that don’t engage with your account, buy your product, or use your service.

The Best partnerships start
with great conversations